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What really happens when you list your home

The Dan Schueller & Diane Pogatchnik Team Approach

Once A Private In-Home Diagnostic Analysis has been performed, and you have a full understanding of what your home will sell for, we will give you some tips on what to do and – more importantly – what not to do to get top dollar, as well as go over all the costs you will have so you know how much money you will have leftover after you sell your home.

A custom advertising and marketing plan is prepared for your home after all the necessary information is obtained from you during the meeting at your home. That plan is provided to Dan Schueller & Diane Pogatchnik, who fine-tunes it, and then …

Dan Schueller & Diane Pogatchnik personally writes the ads, sales sheets, and other information about your home. This is important because only a small percentage of agents from all over North America have invested large sums of money learning advertising strategies and obtaining licensing rights to use exclusive ad copy. Dan Schueller & Diane Pogatchnik is one of these agents. In fact, Dan & Diane are known as the top real estate marketing copywriters in the area.*

In real estate advertising, the choice of even one word vs. another may mean 4 weeks less or more on the market, or $20,000.00 added or subtracted from the buyer’s offer. You won’t find a more qualified, adept real estate advertisement writers than Dan Schueller & Diane Pogatchnik!

“I have been a real estate sales trainer and marketing strategist for over 10 years, so I know real estate marketing. Without question Dan & Diane are one of the best I have ever seen at using unique marketing systems and ad copy to attract attention and create more demand, leading to more homes sold for more money”.    – Todd Walters

*Dan Schueller & Diane Pogatchnik is recognized as one of the 200 most respected real estate agents in all of North America by CP Platinum Real Estate Coaching.

To Find Out How Much You Can Sell Your Home For and How Long it Will Take Simply Provide the information requested using the form on this page, or call (218) 656-6469. This is a free service and comes with no obligation to list or sell your home.